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Photos are categorized by race number.
A "lost and found" category exists for photos where the race number was not visible.

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Magazine Cover Shot 8x12
This print is an 8x10 using your image as a cover shot.
Email Triathlete's Name to after ordering.




Tri-Photo 11x14
This print contains three images of your choice.
To order simply select your first image then select product entitled "TriPhoto 11x14 Poster Image #1" Image #1 is the left image.
Then click "Browse some more" and select your #2 and #3 images and add to cart.

Please email name of triathlete to





Swim - Bike - Run 8x10 Print
This print is an 8x10 using your selected image. The print includes your splits and finish time.
Email Triathlete's Name to after ordering.



Stylized High Resolution Jpg
Looking for something different? This jpg is photoshoped and "sylized" like the sample image below. This image is emailed to the customer.



Tri-Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug (11oz) with your choice of three photos and race logo.
To order simply select your leftmost image and add TriCoffee Mug product to cart and checkout.
After ordering email your order number and the photo id numbers for image #2 and #3 to




Colorized Print
A colorized print shows the subject in color and background in black and white.



New Product: Photo Gallery Download
The Photo Gallery Download product enables you to access your images right away. When you purchase this product, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days with a link you can use to download every image in your personal gallery. All images are a minimum of 2544x1044 pixels, and suitable for printing, sharing or simply for keeping a record of your performance. Best of all, you don't have to wait for the mail, or pay shipping!







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